7 March

A crab basket at work, in Mexico?

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The expression also exists in Mexico at work. Which is surprising when you know that Mexicans are anything but aggressive! Its meaning differs from the French one I was familiar with. Here is some insight to help you understand and grasp how Mexicans behave at work, regardless of your position in the firm. A particular team spirit in Mexico One... Lire la suite →

4 February

The Mexican “yes”

posted on 4 February 2014 by

Managed by a Mexican in France, then being a French manager in Mexico: my relocation abroad has allowed me to understand my Mexican superior … 8 years later! Do you believe that speaking the same language is enough to efficiently manage a multicultural team? This article might give you some insight about true intercultural understanding. French behavior seen by a... Lire la suite →

22 January

(Français) Travailler au Mexique et avec les Mexicains

posted on 22 January 2014 by

You just accepted a job offer in Mexico: here are a few tips to help overcome cultural obstacles and achieve a successful integration. A local contract means extremely long hours from a European perspective. Holidays are scarce: 6 days a year for the first two years. But rest assured, there are many public holidays and you can negotiate everything. Mexicans... Lire la suite →