18 February

Risky zones in Mexico

posted on 18 February 2014 by

If you travel around the country, the French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian authorities recommend doing so with”the greatest of caution depending on the States“. A piece of advice that is to be taken seriously since violent acts, robberies, kidnappings and missing people or even murders are unfortunately no urban legend, as can be seen daily in the news. However, it... Lire la suite →

2 January

Starting the New Year at work in Mexico

posted on 2 January 2014 by

  A complete integration in Mexico entails, among other things, reproducing certain Mexican behaviors at work. Following that principle will keep you from being isolated and missing many cultural and professional opportunities. The custom when entering the workplace in the morning is to greet each person working close to you (in the open space for instance). Every evening, you should... Lire la suite →