(Français) La méthode

Expatriation poses multiple challenges. There is always some degree of stress involved, and this is not surprising. Everything is new and unknown: geography, culture, people, language, habits, traffic, shops, food, smells…a whole new world open to discovery. This is exciting and attractive, but everyone needs a period of adjustment. Usually, conflictive feelings are experienced: thrill, homesickness, joy, loneliness, wonder, confusion…Sometimes, even anxiety, fear and helplessness.
It is important to acknowledge these emotions, to view them as part of the process of adjustment, being gentle an understanding with oneself, instead of rejecting them or perceiving them as inadequate.
Last, but not least, asking for help if these feelings become overwhelming is the best approach. Expatriation can be a unique opportunity for learning and personal growth. Expat2work provides useful tools to develop resources and strategies, that relieve stress and anxiety, allowing the expression of each individual’s full potential to achieve a successful adjustment. Hence an international career success